Reminder- if you are 14 and older, you must complete Project Alert training in order to re-register. Assigned in June for summer home work.

Re-Registration is Aug 1st – Sept 23rd for Tehama County Young Marines!

List of what to bring on Sept 23rd:

1. YMFORM4 YOUNG MARINE RE-REGISTRATION FORM (FRONT AND BACK) – this form is used to ensure all information in the database is correct and up to date.
2. YMFORM2 YOUNG MARINE CONTRACT & OBLIGATION (FRONT & BACK)- this form is to be completed by the Young Marine reaffirming their commitment to the values of the organization.
3. YMMEDFORM1 AUTHORIZATION FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT– This form requires 3 signatures if you wish to give consent for medications – please read and complete carefully – all medications need to be listed. This form will also be given for update at every overnight event. Please do NOT wait until an event to update, provide updates as they occur.
4. YMMEDFORM2 HEALTH HISTORY – complete accurately and don’t forget to sign
= YMMEDFORM3  PHYSICAL EXAMINATION – MUST be completed annually You may wait until it is due, it is highly encouraged to not wait until the last minute to complete as Young Marines may not be eligible to participate in any activity or drill until it is updated.
5. 14+ must turn in your Project Alert printed certificate. If you lost it, you can log into your Project Alert account and print another copy off your account.
6. Please also provide an updated copy of the front and back of your most current insurance card.
Tomorrow is the day to turn in ALL Re-Registration Paperwork, fees and such. You may not attend any outside activity (events, trips or community service) until your physical is updated. Mrs. Kain will be accepting all paperwork tomorrow at drill. There may be a bit of a wait as many parents will be turning in everything. ***If you will NOT be re-registering, please let Mrs. Kain know when you get a moment.
YM Annual Medical Renewal Pkg_V1123 -Forms 1-3 in one place 😉
Staff if you will be re-registering please bring in your signed form below 🙂
agreement_V10 -adult RA re-registration form
Thank you and we will see you at drill Saturday at the DRC 9am-3pm. Please wear PT Gear and bring your lunch, notebook, pen/pencil, guidebook, water, etc. It is also our mandatory fund raiser “Unit Yard Sale” being put on by Afton at the same time tomorrow if parents have any drops offs left to donate. Cherie Kain

Welcome to our website! We have many outlets to get information to our young marines, recruits and families…we hope this one will help those outside the program find more information.

We will share the information on all aspects of our Tehama County Young Marines. If you are interested, involved or just curious…you have come to the right place. We have a Fact Sheet,  a Parent/Guardian handbook to help you with any questions you may have. Take the time to look around the website, check us out on Facebook, and if you are interested in joining the unit then click on Applications & Forms page and print one out.

Needed to Join:

1. Completed application

2. Our TCYM Physical form filled out by your doctor to clear you for physical activity. We can give you up to four weeks to return a completed physical if needed. But they will not be able to attend any outside events, trips or community service until a current physical is on file.

3. One time registration fee of $150 per child. That covers registration fee and their uniform upon completion of recruit training. This $150 registration fee is non-refundable.

4. Solid Black sweatpants or shorts depending on the time of year. They may not have color logos, stripes or adornments. They will also need plain grey t-shirt to wear with their physical training sweatpants/shorts. Once a physical in on file from his/her doctor then they can attend special events and community service. Until they pass recruit training they can only wear new clean solid blue jeans (no holes, adornments or sagging style) and a grey t-shirt. They need to wear a black belt with their blue jeans. Grey t-shirt tucked in!

5. Copy of front and back of insurance card

6. Most current report card.

7. Please click on the Parent/Guardian Handbook link and read. Return the last sheet signed by you and your recruit. This Handbook has answers to ALL your questions.

Thank You,

TCYM Staff

Please check out our “Supporters & Donors” page to see the great people and businesses that are helping our unit with either a monetary donation or donations for events.

Range day! Congratulations to all those who needed their marksmanship ribbon and achieved your goal!!!

****Reminder you can check the Young Marines Database to see your progress!

Go to http://www.youngmarines.com and at the bottom click on “members”> then on the new page click “log in”> on this new page fill in the above information. Pin is the last four of your social.



WM: Cherie Kain