Parent/Guardian Handbook


The above is the Tehama County Young Marines Parent/Guardian Handbook once your child(ren) starts the process of joining our unit, you will be emailed this in its entirety so you can read it and turn in the last sheet signed. 

You may want to read it to make sure you understand the importance of some of our policies, fee and requirements before turning in an application.

Parent/Guardian Guide Receipt Acknowledgment (last sheet in handbook)

Tehama County Young Marines

Parent(s)/guardian(s) are expected to participate in the Young Marine program to ensure the success of their Young Marine(s) through execution of and acknowledgement of the following items:

  1. You are required to sign your Young Marine(s) in and out unless prior arrangements have been made and or agreed upon in writing (IE Licensed teen drivers)
  2. You are required to ensure that your Young Marine(s) have transportation to and from all drills and activities.
  3. You are required to attend parent meetings when held.
  4. Your Young Marine(s) is/are required to participate in all fund-raisers for the Unit
  5. Your Young Marine(s) is/are required to give notice prior to absenteeism, be it for a single drill or for an extended time period due to sports, other outside activities or personal reasons. Unexcused non-participation will likely result in higher out-of-pocket cost to those individual Young Marines and/ or their parent(s)/guardian(s) and possible dismissal from the program.
  6. Following the chain-of-command will resolve issues promptly
  7. This handbook may change and an initial email will be sent out stating the changes and it will be up to you to get the new information after that.

By signing below:

You acknowledge that you have received a complete Parent/Guardian Handbook which details the above items in addition to other important topics. You acknowledge that have read, accept and will comply with the terms and conditions outlined and defined in the Parent/Guardian Handbook. I have read the above statements and have received a copy of the Parent/Guardian Handbook for fiscal year. Please return just this signed sheet to the Adjutant at the next drill/event.

_______________________________________  ______________________________________

Parent(s) Signature & Date


Recruit/Young Marine Signature & Date