How to go from “Recruit” to Tehama County Young Marine…

The Tehama County Young Marines will hold recruit training yearly,  fondly known as “boot camp”.  Dates and times for recruit training shall be posted on our unit’s website, so please check it out regularly.  Information contained in this form is to inform you of what we cover and how the rest of your young person’s life will be changed by becoming a member of this unit. 

All applicants attend a six day training. This training instills a sense of pride and personal accomplishment, forming the basis of confidence and self-esteem. Graduation day is always a proud and memorable day for the Young Marine and his/her family, parents and friends. It is the day that your young person earns the distinguished title of Young Marine and they wear, with pride, the uniform of a United States Young Marine.  From this day forward, you and your Young Marine become a member of an esteemed group of young Americans who are making a difference in their lives, the lives of others, their community and their country.

Recruit Training subjects include:

Military Terms

Discipline & citizenship

History & traditions of the United States

Uniform regulations & personal hygiene

Young Marine Rank Structure

Military and civilian courtesy

Physical fitness education

Maps and compass

Close order drill (marching)

Self-discipline and self-respect


Young Marine Recruits Rights while attending RT:

The following rights are fundamental to the welfare of all Young Marine recruits while in training and will not be denied.

1) Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

2) 20 minutes to consume each meal.

3) Attend sick call.

4) Attend scheduled religious services.

5) Speak with the unit commander or any registered adult at any time.

6) Make and receive emergency phone calls.

7) Make head calls when needed.

8) Use medication as prescribe

Upon completion of the six days of training, recruits will be tested before actually becoming a United States Young Marine.  Not everyone can earn this title.  It will take hard work, determination and commitment on both you and your young person’s part. 

Fees to cover this event in part came from your non-refundable registration fee you paid to join the Young Marines. Your registration fee does cover the valued uniform that she/he will be wearing on graduation day. We look to our community for food and monitory donations to help lower costs.

Upon successful completion of “Boot Camp,” Young Marines continue the character-building process and a life-long pursuit as productive and contributing citizens in their community.  From here, Young Marines are eligible to start learning more new skills, earn rank and ribbons and wear the Young Marine uniform.

Unit activities that our Young Marines usually attend after completion of Recruit Training: (R) Indicates they can earn a ribbon

Community projects to honor Veterans (R)

Community service(R)

Environmental protection(R)

Participation in parades and community events

Hiking & camping trips ( if attendance is to standards)(R)

Drug resistance education(R)

Physical fitness activities & training(R)

First aid(R)

Character building & life skills

Leadership training & practical application

Special Schools to advance their training (if attendance is to standards)(R)

Should you have any questions about this outstanding youth program, please contact us and we will answer all of your questions.



Tehama County Young Marines