About Tehama Co Young Marines



Our goals are to foster young leaders through academic achievements, high adventure activities and to produce responsible citizens by performing community service (must do 50 hours a year) for local veteran associations and other charitable events.


We are here first and foremost as a Drug Demand Reduction program. We run this unit as a “For the kids, run by kids” unit and the Young Marines have a say in what activities we do. We wish to run this unit as a “family unit” and whenever possible, have the parents help out and help keep the kids motivated.

This program relies entirely on the active participation of everyone involved, including the parents/guardian(s). All Young Marine Programs across the nation are not a daycare centers, nor do we act as the child’s parents. It is important to know that we cannot “fix” a strong willed child. We are here to guide them and show them that their are other ways to use all that energy.

With the assistance of our volunteer Registered Adults, we are able to develop a positive mental and moral atmosphere in which military instruction can be applied thus enabling us to fortify America’s future with our youth.

The Parent/Guardian Handbook will give you all the information you will need to join this great group of Young Marines and the whole young marine family.


Young Marine Guide Books= You start with the Basic guide book and it teaches you things such as how to march, it has the Creed and Obligation that everyone must memorize, what ranks are available and the chevrons for each, qualified field skills (survival/camping), rope knots, map and compass and identifying drugs and how to resist them. After you have all portions of this book signed by Registered Adults then you can move onto the next book 🙂